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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a penalty (strike)?

When loading a file containing audio (album or 'CD') that may infringe third-party copyright, you may receive a penalty (strike).

This is because third parties (for example, APDIF - Intellectual Phonographic Rights Protection Association - a legitimate association representing record labels such as SOM LIVRE, SONY MUSIC, UNIVERSAL MUSIC, and WARNER MUSIC) may request the removal of content claiming their copyrights that may not have been filtered in our Intellectual Property Protection systems.

How to download a complete album?

Just click on the 'Download Complete CD' button, open the '*.exe' file to run our 'Download Manager,' and follow the instructions provided there.

The 'Download Manager' allows you to pause and resume your download where you left off in case of a connection problem during the process.

Watch the tutorial to learn how to download a complete album on Sua Música.

Note: It's also possible to directly download the '*.rar' or '*.zip' file by clicking the link in gray that says 'Download without a manager.' In this mode, if your internet connection drops during the download process, you will have to restart the entire process from the beginning.

How can I listen to music on Sua Música's Radio?

It's free and easy to listen to tracks and/or an entire album on Sua Música's radio.

You can listen to the tracks and the Album posted by the artists who have submitted their work to Sua Música and also listen to songs by artists with music available on YouTube that can be played on Sua Música's Radio.

Watch to the tutorial to learn how to listen to music on Sua Música's Player.

Why and how to publish my own Album or Show on Sua Música?

Sua Música Hoje is one of the largest Music Portals in the World, with tens of millions of monthly views in Brazil, verified by third parties like Google (Analytics).

On Sua Música, the artist has UNLIMITED and FREE space to promote their albums and shows to millions of fans. To upload a file, the band must create an account on Sua Música and fully accept the conditions established in the Sua Música, taking full responsibility for the content they make available on the site. Note: Remember to only post albums and shows from your own band.

Watch the tutorial to learn how to publish your Album/Show.

I forgot my 'Username' and/or 'Access Password' for Sua Música. How can I recover them?

You don't need to create a new account on Sua Música if you forget your 'Username' and/or 'Access Password.'

Watch the tutorial to learn how to recover your 'Username' and/or 'Access Password.'

How to create my registration or my Band's on Sua Música?

It's very easy, takes less than a minute!

ARTISTS and FANS: Watch the tutorial to learn how to create a unique profile on Sua Música.